Facebook: One last fix


I HAVE been trying to ditch Facebook a while but my efforts never stick for more than two days. I would post farewells on Facebook, and they would usually be Simpsons related. Something like:

This bird’s gonna fly!



Or a meme expressing addiction:

Krusty meme

But of course I never leave Facebook for long. What can you expect when you seek the likes and comments from friends because of that decision? After two days I wonder what my friends think about the meme.

Is it clever?

Does it have any likes?

Did that girl I never speak to in real life comment on it?

Has my uncle Barry invited me to play the Pirates of the Carribean game for the 16th time?

Dammit. I need that one last hit before I really quit.

This was to be my final hit, but let’s be clear about this. There’s final hits and final hits. What kind was this to be? – Mark “Rent-boy” Renton (Trainspotting)



Yesterday morning I read a Brisbane Times article about 99 Days of Freedom. And before giving my FB-junkie side of my brain a chance to rationalise, I signed on. Without realising it until it was too late, I gave the program the rights to publish a clock countdown on my Facebook wall.

I couldn’t back out. I couldn’t even post one more meme on my wall.

Damn you pride.

It’s only been a day and a half since leaving Facebook, and it’s been hard. My method of storytelling in my daily life has been influenced. When I finish reading a book, I  add it to my collection of favourite books on social media. This morning I finished reading book 5 of the Wheel of Time (more than 1000 pages) and I couldn’t even brag about it.

I can’t say I hated Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

I can’t post the news articles I’ve had published lately, and some of my best work has been released the last week.

I can’t test any of my witty jokes, or declare that I bought an iced-coffee.

I can’t say I discovered an  a capella metal band from Germany which does Metallica and Iron Maiden covers.

So many great thoughts and I can’t post them as soon as I think on them. But that’s one of the unexpected benefits of this exercise. I’d expected more time to spend making casseroles from Men’s Health recipes. I didn’t imagine I could be so reflective. It’s like my brain now thinks clever thoughts beyond quick lines to post to generate reaction.

But I need one last fix. And so I will write my thoughts of the last day and a half usually reserved for statuses. There’s less of a chance you’ll read them, and you can’t like them, but I need to  get them out my system.

Posting Facebook statuses was never about you. It was always about me and how I expressed myself to you. I know. Selfish! It should never have become that way.


Is it better to go to work with a hangover, or when you’re drunk? #Dilemma or some other shitty hashtag


Holy amaze-balls!  I’ve just discovered an a Capella version of Fear of the Dark. Feeling sweeeeeet! 🙂


The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and go, and after many of these bloody ages I have finished Book 5.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2/4. I fell asleep through it like it was midnight instead.


Hey! Does anyone else think Gary Oldman looks a lot like Bryan Cranston?


Bought the movie Lawrence of Arabia from Woolworths. This might well be the best $7 I ever spent.


I like ice coffee.


And a meme for old times sake:

Batman meme







8 thoughts on “Facebook: One last fix

  1. Facebook is becoming a literal news feed, I think. Posts by people other people know are given less attention than pages they’ve liked that are posting stuff.

    I’m surprised you don’t still value Facebook as a news source, at least.

    • Well, let’s say you have time to use internet two hours a day. What’s better? Boosting your knowledge by reading news articles, blog posts, and alternative sources, or by using it to read Facebook comments?

  2. I agree with Word Journeyer – sure seems like the news feeds are just reposts of something else; a friend and I just had that talk via Facebook not all that long ago lol. But I also agree, Facebook, along with any other social media sight, is what you make it. Sometimes people will still post an actual status though. You know…Gary Oldman does look similar to Bryan Cranston. Hmmm. Holy amaze-balls…that’s a new one. May have to remember it. You all have a Woolworths’ down there? That’s cool. There are none left here in the states – unfortunately. I’ve always heard great things about Lawrence of Arabia – I may just need to finally break down and watch that one too.

      • Yeah, I don’t often buy my movies. I hire my movies, even though I live in the land of rampart film piracy. Have you heard Aussies are apparently the worst pirates?

      • lol now I hadn’t heard that. Shame on you Aussies! lol j/k. I actually don’t know much about Aussies – perhaps you’ll educate me 🙂 I’ve always wanted to visit Australia – maybe one day.

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